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Temple, Texas has grown and changed a lot over the last few years and we love to see all the new businesses coming to town. Our team is always looking for new businesses that we can offer our payroll services to. If you are looking for a way to make your business day more productive, eliminating payroll is a great place to start. Payroll requires a great attention to detail and is a very tedious process but is ideal for outsourcing. Running payroll yourself is often a choice small businesses make to save money but when the cost to your business is your valuable time it may be ideal to outsource payroll to a professional service. There are many rules and regulations associated with payroll and it can be challenging for business owners to stay current with all these changes. Small and medium size businesses often don’t have an HR department or a dedicated professional to run payroll but a service like Valor Payroll Solutions can be a great fit. Valor Payroll Solutions works well for companies that have a smaller footprint and do not need a full time employee but need help with their payroll. 

Temple has a variety of different businesses that range in industry and size. We find that many large companies have a full service HR department that handles payroll and other filing tasks but a small company may not have this in house help. A small or midsize company still has to run payroll which can be a huge burden, the weekly running, reporting, and compliance with updating payroll taxes can be challenging. With so many small and medium size businesses in the Temple, Texas area we know there are people out there that would benefit from a payroll solution like Valor. We work with a variety of different types of companies and help them to find a payroll solution that works well for their team. Many business owners just don’t have the energy to put into payroll and still find an appropriate life balance with working and family.

As a business owner you have to feel so many different roles and eliminating one like payroll can be a great timesaver. Finding ways to outsource tasks is ideal for managing your stress and workload. Many companies find that payroll is a great option for outsourcing because it does not need to happen in the office, especially with things like direct deposit. When Valor takes care of your payroll they don’t just pay your employees they also ensure filings are completed on time, payments are accurate, and all deadlines are met. At Valor we utilize an innovative digital system which makes it easier to streamline the payroll process and keep business owners from spending hours a week on payroll.

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How We Make Payroll Easier

We find that being an Internet-based company can be a detriment to our reputation from the get-go. Companies have often been burned by an online service and they can be trepidatious to work with us. Valor Payroll Solutions is different from other online service companies because we focus first on customer service and satisfaction. Valor Payroll Solutions employs a team of properly trained experts in payroll. We also assign our clients a company contact which eliminates being bounced from one representative to the next looking for answers. You will work with your representative for the duration of your time with Valor Payroll Solutions. You can access your rep through email, text or phone and your expert will be highly trained and able to assist with any questions you may have.

Our company doesn’t stop at just payroll, we also offer direct deposit services and time keeping. Valor works hard to stay on top of all new changes to payroll law and rates to ensure that our clients don’t ever miss a deadline or fall out of compliance. We look to always have a 100% satisfaction rate which means our customer service is second to none. We hope that our clients don’t have to be told about our quality but instead see it in the work we do. If you need an expert to handle your payroll for you, valor payroll solutions is the ticket.

Tax Compliance

Due dates for payroll taxes in withholding can pop up out of nowhere. Our team never misses a deadline and ensures payroll is always paid on time. Payroll liabilities can be a worry of the past for you when you utilize a professional service like our payroll solutions. We believe in continuing education for our experts to ensure they are able to help our clientele with any new rules or regulations. We spend a lot of time learning about new changes to local, state, or federal withholdings including things like family paid leave. We know that having an expert in your corner is a huge resource and hope you can see the value in our knowledge. We also had access to experts outside of our organization that can help with any questions that may not be part of our area of expertise. The digital system that we utilize helps to make payroll quick and easy for everyone.

We believe that running payroll it’s only half the job and with our payroll services you get the total package. This package includes filing tax payments, running payroll, and ensuring all filings are submitted to the state government , local government, and federal government. Valor payroll solutions includes filings in all of their packages to ensure proper reports are submitted on time and without error. By having our team file these forms you can avoid any penalties for late filing or payment which can be a huge savings for many companies. Saving time is another huge benefit to our clients who find the payroll is a time suck for them.

Temple’s Best Payroll Service

Our clients are amazed at how much time and energy Valor Payroll Solutions saves them. When you have more time to focus on your business it is easier to be successful.

Included with our payroll services

  • Local, State and federal taxes filed and payments made on time
  • W-2s and w-3s accurately filed mailed out prior to due date 
  • 1094c and 1095c forms filed and complete with ACA compliance 
  • 941s, 943s, 940s, unemployment, withholding and additional forms filed by deadlines

If payroll has become a stressful part of your business we would love to help. Valor Payroll Solutions is here and ready to work with your Temple based business for both filings and payroll services. We utilize our extensive experience to ensure your payroll is done properly without error. The service saves you both time and stress and allows you to focus more on your work. Give us a call or send us a message today!

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