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We Remove the Stress from Payroll in Lubbock

Over the past few years Lubbock has taken off in population. The growth of population means growth in business, bringing a variety of new businesses to town. We love to see the growth in the area and are here to help with payroll services as needed. If you own a small business and are looking for a way to outsource some of your stress, a payroll service is a great option. Payroll services are great for eliminating busywork and streamlining your day. Valor Payroll Solutions is experienced in all aspects of payroll and can make this tedious process one less headache for business owners. Payroll comes with a long list of rules and regulations that can be very challenging to keep up with, especially because they change regularly. Small and midsize businesses often don’t have the option to hire a full-time payroll employee but Valor Payroll Solutions is a great way to outsource this task. We work along many different size companies but find that small and medium size companies are our top customers.

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Lubbock, Texas is home to a variety of different industries and businesses of different sizes. A full-size HR department is often found in a large company but is not something you would find in a smaller company. While a small company doesn’t have a HR department that does not mean they don’t have the burden of payroll reporting, compliance and weekly runs. Ensuring payroll taxes are submitted on time and accurately is very stressful for many companies. Lubbock Texas has lots of mom and pop shops that make it such a wonderful place to live but we find that these companies struggle the most with payroll, Valor is a great option to help these companies thrive. We are not just a service, we partner with our customers to find them the perfect solution for their payroll needs. Outsourcing payroll saves his business owners time which can create a better work life balance and more productive workdays.

If you own a small business you are aware how many different roles you have to take on, by eliminating payroll professional from your list of roles you can save so much time. Many small businesses feel like outsourcing a task is too big of a financial burden but when you consider the stress, time, and cost of late filings outsourcing your payroll is not the financial burden you once thought. Payroll is a great option for outsourcing because it is so easily processed at a different company, direct deposit makes it even easier. Valor Payroll Solutions does not just run your payroll on payday, we also take care of all filings, tax payments, and deadlines. The innovative digital solution that Valor Payroll Solutions uses helps to streamline the payroll process of submitting your hours to payroll is quick and easy.

Simplifying Payroll

While you may have some trepidation with hiring a Internet-based service company, our reputation should put you at ease. Many online services failed to deliver all promises but Valor Payroll Solutions meets every promise and goes above and beyond expectations. Customer service is our top priority and we work hard to hit 100% satisfaction rate with our clients. The team of payroll experts we employ has been thoroughly trained and are ready to partner with you. Each client is assigned a payroll expert that will work with them throughout their time with our company. You will never be bounced from one desk to the next looking for the answers to a question about your payroll. Your payroll expert can be reached via phone call, email or even text.

We include direct deposit services and timekeeping services in our payroll packages offering you a full service package. Valor Payroll Solutions stays up to date on payroll changes, rates and deadlines to ensure our filings are always on time and compliant. Our nearly 100% satisfaction rate shows that customer service is our top priority and that our customers value our services. We don’t talk a lot about the quality of our work, instead we try to show you the value in it. If you are looking to lighten your load, Valor Payroll Solutions is a great way to save you hours a week.

Tax Compliance

Payroll taxes are not just due once a year, they are due throughout the year and these due dates can be challenging to keep up with. Our experts keep these deadlines in mind when submitting payments, filings and other paperwork. We never miss a deadline or payment so you never have to pay late fees. Our team is not hired and never trained again, instead of continuing education to ensure our team is knowledgeable on all things payroll and any new rules and regulations. Our team is trained on changes at the local, state and federal levels. If a new program is introduced like paid family leave we introduce new training and bring our team up to speed on the ins and outs of these programs from a payroll perspective. We work hard to be able to not only handle the payroll but also help educate our clients. Our customers are able to call our team anytime they have payroll questions and this becomes a valuable resource for them. If we ever find a question we cannot answer we have outside experts to turn to

Running payroll is only half of the package, tax payments and filings are what makes our payroll services a full service package. We include payroll runs, tax payments and all filings in our package. We also use an innovative digital solution to ensure payroll is quick and easy for business owners. By including all payroll filings and payments in our package we ensure they are accurate and on time. Our team takes all the responsibility for these filings and ensures our clients are never hit with penalties for inaccuracies or late filing. By eliminating these fees you may find that your company is actually saving money using a payroll service. 

Lubbock’s Best Payroll Service

Clients tell us all the time how many more hours they have for work now that they don’t have to focus on payroll. By focusing these hours back on your business instead of payroll, they have more time to make their company a success. 

Included services

  • Local, State and Federal tax payments and filings 
  • W2/w3 s submitted on time
  • Filing of 1094c/1095c
  • Additional forms filed like withholding, unemployment and 940s/941s/943

If you need more hours in your day, Valor Payroll Solutions is a great way to add time back. Valor payrolls solutions works alongside many Lubbock Texas businesses and can’t wait to help you with your payroll and filing compliance. We utilize both our expertise and experience to make payroll a breeze. Valor Payroll Solutions not only saves you time but can also cut stress and save you money.

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