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Updating State Withholding

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Please reach out to [email protected] to have the necessary state withholding forms added to your account prior to completing the steps outlined below:

  • Go to HR>Workflows/Tasks
  • Under Workflow Campaigns, click Add New
  • Title it something relevant, for example, State W4 Update
  • Select the State W4 Box for the label
  • Under documents, select “Select an existing document from your library”
  • Select the state withholding form you would like the employee to complete
  • Add a welcome message if you’d like
  • Click Next
  • Under settings, select No to require the employee to upload supporting documents.
  • If there’s a due date, you can enter it in the due date field
  • Under Audience, choose Selected employees
  • Choose the employee
  • Click Next
  • Under review, select Yes so that it routes back to you for approval
  • Under Reviewers, you can select who will review
  • Click Next
  • Click Complete on the next page
  • Once the employee completes the form, you will see a notification to review the task
  • Note – this form is not automated, so it will not update automatically in the payroll system and Valor will not receive any type of notification.  Once the employee completes the new form, please log into the payroll system and update the information on the employee’s tax tab.
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