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Revolutionize Your Time Tracking

Valor Payroll Solutions provides advanced time and scheduling solutions for growing businesses, making it easier than ever to manage the workforce. 

WorkforceHub is our easy-to-use time and labor solution tailored to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Capture work hours in real time for accurate payroll, plan and post schedules, and manage PTO quickly and efficiently.

The all-new, next-generation user interface makes it easy to find and use helpful features. Whether your business is newly established or growing quickly, WorkforceHub simplifies the task of managing the tasks associated with running a company. With an easy upgrade path to additional solutions, you can also take advantage of tools when you need them, including hiring, onboarding, and HR management. Click here for a quick demo.

Why Upgrade Your Timekeeping System?

Precision: Modern systems eliminate the risks of errors seen in manual methods.

Compliance: Automated tracking ensures adherence to compliance regulations, reducing potential violations.

Efficiency: Save time and resources with swift and intelligent clocking features.

Employee Morale: Consistency and accuracy in paychecks build trust and job satisfaction.

Our Top Timekeeping Solutions

Mobile App: Empower your team to clock in and out using their mobile devices. Perfect for businesses with employees on the move.  Click here to check out the mobile app.

Geofencing: Utilizing GPS, this tool ensures your employees are in the correct location when clocking in or out.

Web Punch: Ideal for remote teams, this method allows employees to clock in from any internet-connected device.

Fixed Hardware Clock: Modern and efficient, these devices streamline the timekeeping process at a fixed location.

Biometric Time Clock: Incorporating unique biological identifiers, like facial recognition or fingerprints, this is the pinnacle of accurate and secure timekeeping.

Risks of Manual Time Tracking

Payroll Errors: Incorrect payment calculations and employee dissatisfaction can arise.

Compliance Violations: Without accurate tracking, your business is exposed to potential legal issues.

Increased Costs: Manual methods require more time and resources, adding to labor costs.

Benefits Beyond Just Timekeeping

Advanced Insights

Understand employee patterns, peak productivity times, and more.

Enhanced Morale

Employees have 24/7 access to their data, leading to greater trust and transparency.


Save on labor costs and increase overall operational efficiency.

Accurate Timekeeping Solutions

Valor Payroll Solutions provides automated timekeeping solutions that track every minute of employee time, helping your business avoid unplanned overtime and time theft. With multiple time collection methods to adapt to every workplace need, along with powerful scheduling tools, managing employee time has never been so easy.

With a few clicks, time data is delivered to your payroll system instantly for accurate paychecks every time. Enjoy a system that’s easy, fast, and accurate. Sync PTO with timecards and employee schedules. Stay compliant with federal and state laws for overtime, minimum wage, predictive scheduling, leave, and meals/ breaks.

Ensure that you pay each employee for all time worked with the efficiency of automated timekeeping. Manage fluid hybrid work schedules while keeping labor costs in check. Regardless of location, employees can see their schedules, punch in and out, request time off, and approve their timecards, all from their mobile devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently answered Timekeeping questions and answers.

Employees can easily falsify paper time cards.  By switching to electronic timecards you can increase accuracy by utilizing geofencing or biometric clocks to ensure that the employees are actually at work and working when they say they are.  Timekeeping software can also help to reduce or eliminate errors by calculating the total hours worked and overtime.

Employers can use physical timeclocks, which include fingerprinting or face-scanning software, or web clocks that can be accessed on one computer or on an employee’s mobile device.  Web clock options include capabilities to enforce geofencing, which tells you where the employee is clocking in or out from.

Electronic timekeeping automatically calculates overtime and can alert employers when meals or breaks are missed.  This increases compliance with federal and state laws.  Electronic timecards can also help you monitor full-time versus part-time status, which is important if you’re subject to ACA legislation.

We have several options for integrated timekeeping options which eliminate the need to key data.  We can also customize a solution to work with your existing timekeeping product.

The price would depend on your unique requirements – do you need scheduling, electronic onboarding, time off tracking or management?  Contact us for a quote!

Employers should retain records of time worked for at least three years.  Having electronic files makes this easy!

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