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Set Up A New Employee

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  • Log in to Payroll Relief and click the Employee menu on the right side of the page

  • Click the plus sign at the bottom of the screen to create a new blank record
  • Enter the employee’s SSN, first and last name and address
  • Information below the grey line is option
  • If you would like to grant the employee access to their portal, enter an email address and click “Allow access”
  • Click save and move to the Employment tab
  • Select if the employee is full time or part time
  • Enter the hire date
  • Depending on your company’s setup, you may need to enter the classification, location, department or group using the drop down menus. Not all clients utilize these options.
  • Click save and move to the Compensation tab
  • If the employee is paid on a salary basis, enter the annual salary in the Annual Salary field
  • If the employee is paid hourly, change the default hours to 0 and input the hourly rate
  • Click save and move to the Taxes tab
  • Use the employee’s federal W-4 to input the information required under the Federal Taxes section
  • Be sure to include the W-4 date as this affects the tax calculation
  • Under State taxes, Unemployment state should be where the work is performed
  • The Working state is normally the employee’s state of residence, but if the employee works in one state and lives in another please contact for assistance to ensure the employee is set up correctly
  • Click save and move to the Deductions tab
  • Most new hires will not have deductions, but if something needs to be set up enter the per-pay-period amount in the amount column and check the checkbox to enable the deduction. Future effective dates can be used as needed.
  • Click save and move to the Direct Deposit tab
  • Click here for instructions on how to set up a direct deposit
  • Click save and move to the PTO tab
  • If your company has a default time off policy this should already be populated for your employee.
  • If your company has different policies for different groups of employees, you may need to enter the accrual information.
  • Feel free to email if you have questions!

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