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Set Up A New Employee

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  • Log in to Payroll Relief and click the Employee menu on the right side of the page

  • Click the plus sign at the bottom of the screen to create a new blank record
  • Enter the employee’s SSN, first and last name and address
  • Information below the grey line is option
  • If you would like to grant the employee access to their portal, enter an email address and click “Allow access”
  • Click save and move to the Employment tab
  • Select if the employee is full time or part time
  • Enter the hire date
  • Depending on your company’s setup, you may need to enter the classification, location, department or group using the drop down menus. Not all clients utilize these options.
  • Click save and move to the Compensation tab
  • If the employee is paid on a salary basis, enter the annual salary in the Annual Salary field
  • If the employee is paid hourly, change the default hours to 0 and input the hourly rate
  • Click save and move to the Taxes tab
  • Use the employee’s federal W-4 to input the information required under the Federal Taxes section
  • Be sure to include the W-4 date as this affects the tax calculation
  • Under State taxes, Unemployment state should be where the work is performed
  • The Working state is normally the employee’s state of residence, but if the employee works in one state and lives in another please contact [email protected] for assistance to ensure the employee is set up correctly
  • Click save and move to the Deductions tab
  • Most new hires will not have deductions, but if something needs to be set up enter the per-pay-period amount in the amount column and check the checkbox to enable the deduction. Future effective dates can be used as needed.
  • Click save and move to the Direct Deposit tab
  • Click here for instructions on how to set up a direct deposit
  • Click save and move to the PTO tab
  • If your company has a default time off policy this should already be populated for your employee.
  • If your company has different policies for different groups of employees, you may need to enter the accrual information.
  • Feel free to email [email protected] if you have questions!

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