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Connect QuickBooks to PayrollRelief

Once we have mapped your GL codes and the mapping has been approved, it’s time to connect your QuickBooks account to PayrollRelief.

  • Log in to PayrollRelief and go to Integration>QuickBooks Online
  • Click the Connect to QuickBooks link
  • Use your QuickBooks login credentials to log in to QuickBooks
  • If you have multiple clients linked to your account you will be prompted to select which account to link.
  • Once you’ve logged in to QuickBooks, the accounts are linked.


Exporting Data

  • Once your QuickBooks account has been linked, you are ready to export journal entries.
  • In PayrollRelief go to Integrations>QuickBooks Online
  • Use the “From” and “To” fields to choose the date range you will export data for
  • Click Export
  • If the export is successful you will see a confirmation
  • When you go to Integrations>QuickBooks Online again, you will see the last date range you exported for above the “From” and “To” fields


  • Export ALL calendar dates – for example, 7/1 – 7/15, then 7/16 – 7/31
  • Entries are based on transaction dates, not pay dates
  • Do not export the same day twice!  It will duplicate the data in QuickBooks
  • Only export through yesterday – for example, today is July 19th, so I would only want to export through July 18th if I process the export today
  • To preview the data that will be exported, go to Integrations>Export G/L
    • Select the date range you wish to export
    • Click View

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