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  • In Swipeclock go to Time>Payroll Review
  • Select “Previous” to review the pay period that just ended 
  • Click Proceed
  • Follow the prompts to address missing information such as pending time off requests, and missing punches
  • When you get to the screen that says Finalize Pay Period please make sure that all necessary changes have been entered, then you can select the pay period and click save to finalize.  This will lock the pay period and prevent further changes.
  • On the following page click the link that say “CLICK HERE” (don’t click EXPORT)
  • Scroll down on the page  to Timesheet
  • Click Sync
  • Use the dropdown menu to select the Pay Group (the pay period begin and end dates and pay date will populate)
  • Click Upload
  • Log in to Payroll Relief
  • Go to Payroll Processing>Payroll Entry
  • Double-check that the hours match what was exported from Swipeclock
  • Make any necessary manual adjustments to the time entry (if any)
  • Click Review at the bottom of the screen
  • Click Submit to send payroll for processing
  • Once you receive your reports via email, the pay period has been finalized.
  • In Swipeclock go to Admin>Integrations
  • Under Payroll Documents click Sync
  • Adjust dates to capture the pay date that was just processed
  • Use the drop down menu to select the pay date
  • Click Upload to sync the pay stubs for employees

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