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At Valor Payroll Solutions, we understand that the process of finalizing an employee’s departure from your organization involves numerous considerations, including the timely issuance of their final paycheck. To assist you in navigating this aspect of payroll management, we have created a comprehensive resource that provides information on final check due dates by state.

Why Final Check Due Dates Matter

When an employee leaves your company, it is essential to comply with state laws regarding the timing of their final paycheck. Final check due dates vary from state to state, and failure to adhere to these regulations can result in legal complications and potential penalties.

By understanding and following the specific final check due dates mandated by your state, you can ensure that your former employees receive their final wages promptly and in accordance with the law. This commitment to compliance not only protects your organization’s reputation but also fosters positive relationships with departing employees.

Simplifying the Process with Valor Payroll Solutions

Determining the final check due dates for each state can be a time-consuming and daunting task for employers. With regulations subject to change and differing requirements across jurisdictions, staying informed can be challenging.

At Valor Payroll Solutions, we strive to simplify the process for you. Our user-friendly website provides an easy-to-navigate platform that offers valuable information on final check due dates by state. By accessing our comprehensive database, you can quickly find the specific regulations that apply to your business location.

Choose Valor Payroll Solutions for Comprehensive Payroll Support

Valor Payroll Solutions is your trusted partner in simplifying payroll management, including understanding and meeting final check due dates. We are committed to accuracy, compliance, and user convenience, empowering you to navigate this complex aspect of payroll with confidence.

Explore our website now to access the final check due dates for your state. Our comprehensive database is regularly updated to reflect the most current regulations, enabling you to stay in compliance and ensure a smooth transition for departing employees.

Ready to simplify your payroll management? Contact Valor Payroll Solutions today and let us support you in meeting your payroll obligations effectively. Our knowledgeable team is here to answer any questions you may have and provide the assistance you need.


StateInvoluntary TerminationVoluntary ResignationResources
AlabamaNo provisionNo provision  
AlaskaWithin 3 business daysBy next regular payday at least 3 days after employer gets notice of resignationAlaska Department of Labor – Workers – Wages – Wage and Hour FAQs – #17 
ArizonaEarlier of 7 working days or end of next regular pay periodNext regular payday or by mail if employee requestsArizona Industrial Commission of Arizona – Resources for Employes – FAQ – Arizona State Legislature – Article 7 Payment of Wages Title 23-353 – Payment of wages of discharged employee; violation; classification
ArkansasBy next regular paydayBy next regular paydayArkansas – DOL – FAQs  
CaliforniaDUE AT THE TIME OF TERMINATIONWithin 72 hours if no notice was given, or immediately if at least 72 hours notice was givenCalifornia – Department of Industrial Relations – FAQ – Wages, Deductions, and Tips – Paydays, Pay Periods and the Final Wages 
ColoradoDUE AT TIME OF TERMINATION or within 6 hours of payroll department becoming operational (by mail on request); next day if payroll is offsiteNext regular paydayColorado – Department of Labor and Employment – Colorado Wage Act – -pdf – page 6-7Colorado – Department of Labor and Employment – Colorado Wage Act – website from where I pulled the pdf – 
ConnecticutNext business dayNext regular paydayConnecticut – General Statutes of Connecticut – Volume 9 – Title 31 – Chapter 558 Wages – Sec. 31-71c. Payment of wages on termination of employment. 
DelawareNext regular paydayNext regular paydayDelaware Department of Labor – Office of Labor Law Enforcement – Wage Payment 
Dist. of Col.Next working day; within 4 days if responsible for employer’s money; next regular payday if suspended due to labor disputeEarlier of next regular payday or 7 days; 4 days if employee is responsible for employer’s money  
FloridaNo provisionNo provision  
GeorgiaNo provisionNo provision  
HawaiiDUE AT TIME OF TERMINATION or next working day if that is impossibleNext regular payday or immediately if one pay period’s notice was givenHawaii Wage Standards Division – Hawaii State Legislature – Title 21. Labor and Industrial Relations – Chapter 388 Wages and Other Compensation, Payment: §388-3 Employees who are separated from the payroll before paydays.
IdahoEarlier of 10 days or next regular pay- day (not counting weekends and holi- days); within 48 hours of employee’s written request for paymentEarlier of 10 days or next regular pay- day (not counting weekends and holi- days); within 48 hours of employee’s written request for paymentIdaho Legislature Statutes -TITLE 45 – CHAPTER 6 CLAIMS FOR WAGES 45-606. PAYMENT OF WAGES UPON SEPARATION FROM EMPLOYMENT.  
IllinoisDUE AT TIME OF TERMINATION if possible; if not, by next regular paydayDUE AT TIME OF TERMINATION if possible; if not, by next regular paydayIllinois Department of Labor – Wage Payment and Collection Act FAQ #8
IndianaNext regular paydayNext regular paydayIndiana Department of Labor – Wage & Hour IDOL Knowledge Base – PaymentIndiana General Assembly – Indiana Code 22-2-5-1(b)
IowaNext regular payday; 30 days for commissionsNext regular payday; 30 days for commissionsIowa Division of Labor – Wage and Hour Common Questions #13Iowa Code Chapter 91A.4 Employment suspension or termination — how wages are paid.
KansasNext regular paydayNext regular paydayKansas Legislative – Chapter 44 – Article 3.Payment of Compensation – 44-315 Separation prior to payday; damages for willful non-payment. 
KentuckyLater of next regular payday or 14 daysLater of next regular payday or 14 daysCommonwealth of Kentucky Labor Cabinet – Workplace Standards – Wages and Hours Kentucky General Assembly – KRS Chapter 337 – Payment of Wages Generally – 337.055 Payment of all wages or salary upon dismissal or voluntary leaving required.
LouisianaNext regular payday or 15 days after termination, whichever is earlierNext regular payday or 15 days after quit, whichever is earlierLouisiana State Legislature RS 23:631 – CHAPTER 6. PAYMENT OF EMPLOYEES 
MaineEarlier of next regular payday or 14 days after demand for paymentEarlier of next regular payday or 14 days after demand for paymentMaine Department of Labor – Summary of Labor Laws Maine Legislature Title 26 Labor and Industry Chapter 7 Employment Practices Subchapter 2 Wages and Medium of Payment 
MarylandNext regular payday or within two weeks of demand, whichever is earlierNext regular payday or within two weeks of demand, whichever is earlierMaryland Department of Labor – Termination Pay – The Maryland Guide to Wage Payment and Employment StandardsMaryland General Assembly – Article – Labor and Employment 3-505
MassachusettsDUE AT TIME OF TERMINATIONNext regular pay day or Saturday following resignation, whichever is earlierCommonwealth of Massachusetts – General Laws Part 1 Title 21 Chapter 149 Section 148 Payment of wages; commissions; exemption by contract; persons deemed employers; provision for cashing check or draft; violation of statuteMassachusetts Wage & Hour Laws Poster 
MichiganDUE AT TIME OF TERMINATION, or as soon as amount due is determinedWhen amount due is determinedMichigan Legislature – Payment of Wages and Fringe Benefits – Section 408.475Michigan Labor and Economic Opportunity – Payment of Wages at Termination 
MinnesotaImmediately, or within 24 hours of demandNext regular payday; if payday is less than 5 days after final workday, then by second payday, but no more than 20 days after discharge.Minnesota Legislature – Labor Industry Chapter 181 Employment 181.14 PAYMENT TO EMPLOYEES WHO QUIT OR RESIGN; SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTESMinnesota Legislature – Labor Industry Chapter 181 Employment 181.11 DISCHARGED EMPLOYEE MUST BE PAID WITHIN 24 HOURS.
MississippiNo provisionNo provision  
MissouriDUE AT TIME OF TERMINATIONNo provisionMissouri Revisor of Statutes – Title XVIII (18) Labor and Industrial Relations – Chapter 290 Wages, Hours and Dismissal Rights> 290.110. Payment due discharged employee — exceptions — penalty for delay. Missouri Department of Labor & Industrial Relations – If an employee quits 
MontanaDUE AT TIME OF TERMINATION unless employer’s written policy extends the time period to the next regular payday or 15 days from date of termination, whichever is earlierBy next regular payday or 15 days from date of separation, whichever is earlierMontana – Department of Labor & Industry – Wage and Hour FAQsMontana Code Title 39 Labor Chapter 3 Wages & Wage Protection Part 2 Payment of wages when employee separated from employment prior to payday — exceptions.
NebraskaEarlier of next regular payday or 2 weeksEarlier of next regular payday or 2 weeksNebraska Legislature Statute 48-1230:Employer; regular paydays; altered; notice; deduct, withhold, or divert portion of wages; when; wage statement; use of payroll debit card; conditions; unpaid wages; when due.Nebraska Department of Labor – FAQs – Fact Sheet – Labor Standards 
NevadaDUE AT TIME OF TERMINATIONEarlier of next regular payday or 7 daysState of Nevada Department of Business & Industry – Office of the Labor Commissioner – FAQ’s Nevada Statutes – NRS 608.020 – 608.040
New HampshireWithin 72 hoursNext regular payday or within 72 hours if one pay period’s notice is givenNew Hampshire – Department of Labor – Wages and Hours FAQ  
New JerseyNext regular paydayNext regular payday New Jersey – Department of Labor & Workforce Development – Wage and Hour Compliance – Labor Laws and Regulations – 34:11 – 4.3. Termination or Suspension of Employment  
New MexicoWithin 5 days; 10 days for wages paid by commission, task, or piece ratesNext regular paydayNew Mexico – Department of Workforce Solutions – Wage and Hour FAQs pdf New Mexico Compilation Commission – Official Legal Publisher of State of New Mexico – Chapter 50 – Employment Law 50 4-4. Discharges (Discharged) employees 
New YorkNext regular payday Next regular payday New York State Legislation – Chapter 31 Labor – Article 6 Payment of Wages – Section 191 Frequency of Payments (3) 
North CarolinaNext regular payday Next regular payday North Carolina – Department of Labor – Payment of Final Wages to Separated Employees North Carolina – Final Pay for Separated Employees 
North DakotaNext regular payday Next regular paydayNorth Dakota – Wage and Hour and Equal Employment Laws Brochure

North Dakota – Labor and Human Rights – Printable Brochures 

OhioNext regular paydayNext regular paydayFrom – (not 100% sure if we should use for the Public – this site ? It seems to me they word it best?? In Ohio, there are no specific rules for employees who are either laid off or who quit their jobs….. 
OklahomaNext regular payday Next regular payday Oklahoma – Department of Labor – FAQ – Wage and Hour 
OregonBy the end of the first business day after discharge or terminationEarlier of next regular payday or 5 business days; immediately if 48 hours’ notice is givenOregon – Bureau of Labor & Industries – Final Paychecks  
PennsylvaniaNext regular payday Next regular payday Pennsylvania – Department of Labor & Industry – General Wage and Hour Questions # 15 
Rhode IslandNext regular payday Next regular paydayRhode Island – Statutes – Title 28 Labor and Labor Relations – Chapter 14 Payment of Wages 28–14-4  
South CarolinaWithin 48 hours or next regular pay- day (no more than 30 days)Within 48 hours or next regular pay- day (no more than 30 days)South Carolina – Code of Laws Title 41 – Labor and Employment – Chapter 10 Payment of Wages Section 41-10-40 (B) 
South DakotaNext regular payday Next regular payday South Dakota Dept. of Labor & Regulation  
TennesseeNo later than 21 days or next regular paydayNo later than 21 days or next regular paydayTennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development – Final Paychecks Tennessee Code Unannotated – Tenn Code Ann S 50-2-103 Payment of employees in private employments.> (g)
TexasWithin 6 calendar daysNext regular paydayTexas – Statutes – Subtitle C. Wages – Chapter 61 Payment of Wages – 61.014 Payment After Termination of Employment << Texas PDF Labor Code Chapter 61. Payment of Wages – go to page 5
UtahWithin 24 hoursNext regular paydayUtah State Legislature – Utah Code – Title 34 Labor in General – Chapter 28 Payment of Wages – Section 5 
VermontWithin 72 hoursNext regular payday; if there is none, next FridaySummary of Vermont Wage and Hour Laws pdf Vermont Statutes – Title 21: Labor Chapter 005: Employment Practices Subchapter 002 : Wages And Medium Of Payment § 342. Weekly payment of wages
VirginiaNext regular paydayNext regular paydayCode of Virginia – § 40.1-29. Time and medium of payment; withholding wages; written statement of earnings; agreement for forfeiture of wages; proceedings to enforce compliance; penalties. 
WashingtonNext regular paydayNext regular paydayWashington State Department of Labor & Industries Washington State Legislature – RCW 49.48.010
West VirginiaNext regular paydayNext regular paydayWV – Division of Labor – Fact Sheet – Payment of Final Wages  
WisconsinNext regular payday; within 24 hours if employer closes or movesNext regular paydayWisconsin Department of Workforce Development – Wage Payment and Collection LawWisconsin State Legislature – Chapter 109 Wage Payments, Claims and Collections – 109.03 (2)  When wages payable; pay orders
WyomingNext regularly scheduled paydayNext regularly scheduled paydayLegislature of the State of Wyoming – Title 27- Chapter 4 Article 1 In General: 27-4-104:Payment of employee quitting or discharged and suit for wages; generally.Wyoming Labor Standards FAQs 

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