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By choosing one of our trusted bookkeeping partners, you can confidently rely on our endorsed collaboration. Rest assured that we vouch for their exceptional work, and together, we form a seamless, productive team. These bookkeepers possess our utmost trust and have an intimate understanding of our system, offering significant advantages for all involved parties. While we specialize in payroll, we take the initiative to provide valuable resources for our clients, saving them time and effort in researching and validating bookkeeping options.

Trusted Bookkeeping Partners


We are people who like numbers. They make sense to us. They are constant. 1 + 1 is always 2. We get so much joy (pun intended) from helping companies realize their dreams and potential through their finances. 

Services for Every Business Owner:
Monthly Bookkeeping 
Monthly Financial Statements
Accounts Payable aid
Accounts Receivable aid
Historical Clean Up

Our Exceptional Clients Get Access To:

The Advisory Services
Cash Flow Analysis
Cost-benefit Analysis
Identifying KPIs
Streamline Financial Processes

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Enumerista LLC

Joana is the founder and CEO of Enumerista.

Recognizing the need for small business owners and startups to gain confidence in their finances, Joana launched Enumerista in 2019.

Integrity, honesty and transparency are among her core values along with strong professional ethics.

She is a bookkeeping professional that genuinely cares, and on a mission to share information + help small business owners succeed.

Her experience includes a combination of 5+ years of small business bookkeeping, Associates Degree in Accounting and over 10 years of corporate accounting support experience.

DIY & Outsourced Solutions Include:

QuickBooks Setup & Training
Bookkeeping Training
Diagnostic Services

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Green Rose Bookkeeping

 For most small business owners, just the thought of having to deal with the books is enough to give you a headache.  Luckily, I actually enjoy bookkeeping.  But what I enjoy even more is helping you succeed.  I’ll help you understand your financial statements, provide customized solutions to your pain points, and be readily available whenever you need assistance.

A green rose has several meanings. It most commonly represents abundance, richness and plenty. It can also symbolize growth and new beginnings, as well as balance and stability.
I strive to provide my clients’ business with all of these things through a personalized approach that is as unique as a green rose.

Our Solutions Include:

Monthly Bookkeeping
Catch-Up & Clean-Up
QuickBooks Training
QuickBooks Setup

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Liquid Cents

Helping women in business gain simple yet powerful knowledge from their numbers is what I love to do! I enjoy doing this because I’m also on a journey to to build the life and wealth I want for myself and my family.

My background in Psychology, years of volunteer work, and life as a military spouse (now veteran’s spouse) filled me with a desire to connect and help others in a meaningful way. I think people are more important and always come before profit.
This is why my focus is on working with women whose mission is to help others and truly feel this statement.

We Offer Solutions For:

New Businesses
Group Practices/Multi 6-Figure Businesses
QuickBooks Clean Up

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