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We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Human Interest, a 401(k) provider for

small and medium-sized businesses, to add an affordable retirement plan to your benefit

offering. Human Interest helps to reduce the burden of managing a 401(k) plan with easy

setup and administration, recordkeeping, and streamlined onboarding for employees.

Get Compliant

With retirement mandates popping up in more states, it’s crucial for you to stay on top of your game. Especially if you’re operating in multiple states, understanding your responsibilities is key.

While some states offer their own retirement plans to keep you compliant, managing these across multiple states can be a headache. Plus, only offering retirement benefits where it’s mandated could leave some of your employees feeling left out.


Tax Credits & Tax Savings

If you’re starting a new 401k plan, you may be eligible for up to $16,500 in SECURE Act tax credits!

In addition to the tax credits, both you and your employee will save money on payroll tax expenses through pre-tax deferrals.  Pre-tax deferrals reduce the employee’s taxable income, which results in tax savings for you both.


See How Easy It Is to Set Up A 401k Plan

We make it easy and affordable to help your employees save for retirement.  

Human Interest provides user-friendly, automated tools that streamline the entire process, from enrollment to investment management.

Say goodbye to complicated paperwork and hefty fees—our partnership offers a straightforward, cost-effective solution tailored to your business’s needs.

Join us in empowering your employees to save for their futures while simplifying your administrative burden. Discover the ease and affordability of our 401k solution today with Valor Payroll Solutions and Human Interest.

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