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We Remove the Stress from Payroll in Waco

When you look around Texas so much has changed and Waco is no exception, new businesses are popping up everywhere as the population grows. We are looking forward to the opportunity that all these new businesses bring to the area and are excited to offer them our payroll services. If you are in business and looking for ways to be more productive, eliminate payroll strains, and streamline your busywork, a payroll solution like Valor may be a perfect fit. Payroll is a tedious process that requires a lot of knowledge and know-how but is easily outsourced. The rules and regulations that go along with payroll are hard to keep on top of because they change so frequently, most business owners don’t even know where to begin with all of these new rules and requirements. We find that many medium sized and smaller businesses don’t have the ability to hire an HR professional so an option like Valor Payroll Solutions is a perfect option. Valor Payroll Solutions is great for medium and small companies that don’t need full-time help but do need assistance with payroll.

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The businesses in Waco, Texas come in a variety of different sizes and of course industries. Many of the larger companies do have a full-service HR department that does all the payroll and filings but small companies don’t have this luxury. Payroll can be a huge burden on a small or midsize company because of the weekly time constraint, reporting and compliance that needs to be met. Paying payroll taxes on time can be hard when you’re also running a business. Waco Texas has so many wonderful small businesses and we hope that a payroll solution like Valor will help them to thrive and grow. We work in many different industries helping our clients find a payroll solution that works for them. Business owners are strapped on time and finding a good work life balance often comes from outsourcing.

Small business owners often have to take on many different roles in a company, eliminating payroll as one of your roles is a great way to save time and effort. Outsourcing tasks can feel like a luxury but when you consider your stress, workload, and the financial burden that can come from late filing it is an easy decision. Payroll is easy to outsource because it can easily be processed at a different location and direct deposit makes it even easier. Valor goes beyond just running payroll and also ensures all filings are timely, payments are accurate and no deadline is left unmet. Valor Payroll Solutions utilizes an innovative digital solution that allows them to streamline payroll for both the business and themselves. The streamlined process can save hours a week.

How We Simplify Payroll.

Using an Internet-based service may feel uncomfortable at first but if you give us a chance we will prove our worth. It’s not uncommon for an online service to make great promises but fail to deliver, Valor Payroll Solutions is not like these overpromising services. Valor Payroll Solutions focuses on customer service first and strives for 100% satisfaction. We employ a team of payroll experts that are properly trained and will work alongside you. We assign each client to a payroll expert that is their representative throughout their time with our company, this eliminates being bounced from one desk to the next whenever you have a question. This representative is truly an expert in payroll and can help you via text, phone calls, or email.

We don’t stop at payroll, we also include direct deposit services and time keeping in our packages. Valor Payroll Solutions stays current with all payroll laws and rates to make sure none of our clients are late on a deadline or non-compliant with filings. Our customer service is second to none and our nearly 100% satisfaction rate shows that our services are worth the cost. We don’t often talk about the quality of our work but instead hope that our clients can see and feel the value. If you are ready for an expert to help lighten your burden, Valor Payroll Solutions is the ticket.

Tax Compliance

Payroll taxes are due on different increments throughout the year and these due dates can be hard to keep up with. Our team does not miss deadlines and ensures all payroll is paid on time. Payroll liabilities are no longer something you need to stress about, our team will ensure that all deadlines and filings are kept in compliance. Will utilize a continuing education model for experts to ensure that they are up-to-date on all new rules and regulations that our clientele must meet. We focus on all changes to payroll law at the state, federal and local levels. When new programs like a family paid leave are introduced we study them and become experts to help her clients also understand them. Having an expert on call for all of your payroll questions and such a value to our clients, and when the questions are too big for us to answer we have outside sources that can help. Our digital system is here to help make payroll less stressful and watch faster for our small business owners.

Our team believes that payroll is only half of the tax, and our payroll services are a total package. These packages include running payroll, filing tax payments, and ensuring all necessary filings are submitted on time and accurately. We include filings and all of our payroll solutions packages because these reports are vital to ensuring payroll is processed properly. When our team files these forms you will not have to worry about penalties for missed or late payments. This reduction in fees can be a huge savings for some companies and the Time savings is an additional benefit.

Waco’s Best Payroll Service

Many of our clients are shocked when they discover how much more time they have now that they are not running payroll. The more time you have to focus on business the more time you have to be successful. 

Included services

  • Filing dna payments made for local, state and federal taxes
  • W-2s/w-3s filed and mailed before due date
  • 1094c/1095c forms filed 
  • 940s/941s/943s, withholding, unemployment and additional forms filed

If you are looking for ways to outsource tasks at your business payroll is a great option. Valor Payroll Solutions is ready to work alongside your Waco business to help with both payroll and payroll tax compliance. Our experience and expertise will ensure payroll is no longer a worry. Valor can save both money and time and cut stress levels significantly.

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