We Remove the Stress from Payroll


Business is booming in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We all know that where there is business, there is payroll. It can be a tedious and mundane process but one that is necessary for a business to run effectively over a long period of time. With ever-changing laws, regulations, and requirements, payroll is likely somewhat of a burden for the company itself. This is especially true for small to medium size companies that cannot justify hiring a full-time payroll position. Often, it feels like something you would rather have somebody else do for you. This is where Valor Payroll Solutions comes in. After all, a big problem requires a big solution.

Tulsa, Oklahoma is home to some of the nation’s largest companies in industries such as aerospace, energy, healthcare, technology, transportation, and manufacturing. Such large companies have major payroll duties on their hands. While smaller companies do not have as many employees, they still need to consider how to pay their employees accurately, all the way down to the “Mom and Pop” shops that make this area great. Whatever size company you have, you want to maintain business standards that help you keep your shiny reputation in place. Even a little bit of payroll for the small companies can present a big problem if nobody within the company is adequately trained to handle the intricacies of the payroll process.

There are many things that go into running a business. You want to focus on the core aspects of your company, rather than the repetitive process of payroll. You need something innovative, cutting edge, and accurate. You need your employees to be paid on time and correctly. After all, you cannot run a business without employees. Let Valor Payroll Solutions ease your mind and your burden by streamlining your payroll process with our new, innovative digital solution. We can address all your Tulsa payroll related concerns and will make sure that your employees get paid the way that they should.

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How we Make Payroll Easier

Sometimes, when you work with a company, their service is not that great. You have companies with long wait times for response, then there are some who have employees that are not very well trained and who might not know what to do when you have a question. You could get tossed around from employee to employee when seeking answers or direction. We find those kinds of processes inefficient and less effective, not to mention frustrating. When you work with Valor Payroll Solutions, you will be matched with one specific specialist. This person will assist you with everything from implementation to processing. This highly trained compliance expert is available to answer all your questions quickly when you contact them via email, call, or text.

We have got you covered from everything to timekeeping down to processing and depositing of paychecks. The team at Valor Payroll Solutions are experts in compliance and we will get your payroll taxes filed correctly and on time, every single time. We pride ourselves in taking care of your needs and our goal is to be sure that every customer is 100% satisfied with our services. We take payroll seriously; it is what we do. When you need a company to expertly handle your payroll needs, look no further than Valor Payroll Solutions. We are here to help.


Achieve Payroll Tax Compliance with Ease

Dealing with tax rate changes, liabilities, and making payments on time is risky business. It is also stressful and can be confusing. Therefore, the specialists at Valor Payroll Solutions are highly trained in the payroll tax compliance and in the regulations involved in payroll. We are up to speed on all the necessary information to make these things a breeze rather than a burden. Your one-on-one specialist is fiercely knowledgeable in all thing’s payroll. And, with our digital process, the intricacies of managing payroll become simplified and accessible.

Our service is a comprehensive one. You have no need to worry about filing your payroll taxes. Valor Payroll Solutions will make sure that they are computed, paid, and filed accurately on time, every time. This will mitigate your stress and help you avoid penalties and the hassle that they bring. When you work with us, you save time and energy that would otherwise be wasted in wading through the bog of payroll. A businessperson is not always a payroll person. Therefore, we are here to assist you whenever you need us. Our system will create for you an easy, stress-free way to process and pay out your payroll and file your payroll taxes all while running your business and attending to core aspects and needs. We turn payroll into a snap.


The Best Choice for your Tulsa Payroll Services

When you work with us, taking care of payroll tax filing is no longer in your hands. This is a great time saver, and you can move forward confidently knowing that we have your back. Some of the ways our payroll tax compliance experts can help you are:

  • Calculating, filing, and depositing federal, state, and local taxes on time to avoid late payment penalties.
  • Prepare and file 941s, 940s, 943s, state withholding, state unemployment, local taxes, and paid family and medical leave.
  • W-2 and W-3 processing with SSA submission
  • ACA compliance of 1095c and 1094c forms

If you need an expert who understands how to navigate payroll and all its aspects for your Tulsa business, all you need to do is turn to Valor Payroll Solutions. We are standing by, ready to take on your burden as our own. We are eager to show you and help with all your questions and concerns. We will do what we were made to do; use efficient and streamlined innovative digital processes to make your payroll and payroll tax filing a breeze. We want to save you time and show you our dedication in one fell swoop. Contact us today…we look forward to meeting you!