Taking the Stress Out of Payroll

The constantly changing payroll tax laws, wage requirements, and other regulations make payroll harder than it seems. Not to mention the fact that it is a repetitive, yet essential activity to ensure the smooth running of your business, payroll becomes something that you would rather have someone do for you.

At Valor Payroll Solutions, we can efficiently process your payroll to ensure that your employees get paid right and on time, as well as address all your related concerns. Through our innovative digital solution, we can streamline your payroll process and ease your burden so you can focus on the core aspects of your business.

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How We Ease Your Payroll Burden

When you work with Valor Payroll Solutions, you will have ONE dedicated person to work with, from implementation to payroll processing.  Call, text, or email your dedicated payroll specialist for a quick response to your questions.

From the timekeeping, down to the actual processing and depositing of paychecks, our team has got you covered! As compliance experts, we guarantee your payroll taxes will be filed correctly and on time, every time.

Achieve Payroll Tax Compliance With Ease

Staying up-to-date with payroll tax rate changes, calculating tax liabilities, and making timely payments are not only tedious and stressful but also risky. Even simple mistakes can lead to costly fines and trouble with the tax authorities. With so much at stake, it is wiser to have payroll tax experts handle it for you.

Through our comprehensive payroll tax compliance service, Valor Payroll Solutions will see to it that your payroll taxes are computed, paid, and filed accurately and on time– saving you from the hassle and eliminating the risk of penalties.

How Valor Payroll Solutions Can Help

Taking payroll tax filing off your hands will give you more time to focus on the core aspects of your business. Here are some of the ways our payroll tax compliance can help you:

  • Calculate, file, and deposit federal, state, and local taxes on time to avoid late payment penalties.
  • Prepare and file 941s, 940s, 943s, state withholding, state unemployment, local taxes, and paid family and medical leave.
  • W-2 & W-3 processing with SSA submission.
  • ACA Compliance of 1095c and 1094c forms

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