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Every business person that has ever dealt with payroll knows that it can be a difficult, time consuming necessity. You cannot run a company for very long without effectively using a payroll system. From big, booming businesses like those in Oklahoma City to small family run businesses that dot our maps all over the country, each business owner must pay their employees correctly and on time in order to keep them working and to remain in compliance. Of course, payroll almost always seems like something you would rather have somebody else do for you. The laws, regulations, and requirements of payroll are changing all the time and it’s hard to keep up with the flow. When a company is medium or small sized, they often can’t justify creating an in-company role just for someone to work on payroll. Most of the time somebody else already in the company will have to take on that extra work instead. This is where Valor Payroll Solutions comes in. With our help, a much different business landscape will be created. 

Oklahoma City is known for its giants in biotechnology, government, hospitality and entertainment, transportation and logistics, and other industries. The responsibility of payroll for these large companies is considerably heavy. Payroll is the engine that keeps the machine going. Without it, there’s no business at all. This is also true for small companies, even though they have far fewer employees, clients, and products or services. Even small companies need to employ a system of payroll which ensures that their employees get their paychecks in a timely manner. Even just a little bit of responsibility regarding payroll, perhaps for three or four employees can still be a big burden if nobody within the company has been trained in doing it. 

A business owner needs to focus on the core aspects of the business. When payroll is outside of those core aspects, it takes away time and energy that could have been used for attending to their primary responsibilities. There are so many more parts to running a company than just the foundational bits. When it comes to getting your payroll done, you need something innovative, cutting edge, and accurate. Let Valor Payroll Solutions introduce you to their new, state of the art, digital solution. We will ease both your mind and your burden. We can answer all of your Oklahoma City payroll related concerns while at the same time making sure that your employees are happy being paid on time and accurately.

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How We Make Payroll Easier

We have all had experiences where we will be working with one company or another and they have subpar service, confusing or inaccurate information, less than knowledgeable staff, or difficult to use technology.  At Valor Payroll Solutions, we find all of this to be ineffective and inefficient, often leaving the customer or client dissatisfied and unable to move forward or have their problem fixed. When you work with us, you are paired with one single specialist. This is the person whom you will address questions to, the one who will help you set up your new system from beginning to end, implementation to processing. This person is available to you through call, text, or email. They are highly trained compliance experts who can answer all your questions.

At Valor Payroll Solutions, we take payroll seriously. It’s what we do. We pride ourselves in taking care of your needs and we strive every day to reach 100% customer satisfaction. From timekeeping to depositing paychecks and everything in between, we have got you covered. You may be wondering, “what about payroll taxes?”. Well, our expert team of compliance pros will get your payroll taxes filed for you on time, every time. When you need a company who can step in and dazzle you with their expertise in all things payroll, look no further than Valor Payroll Solutions. We are here to get things done right.

Payroll Tax Compliance is Our Specialty

Tax rates change, and dealing with making payments on time and liabilities can be risky business, especially if you are not an expert. These things have to be done, but they are stressful and can be confusing. Luckily, our full staff of payroll tax compliance experts are ready to work with you and make sure that your taxes get filed correctly and on time. Our specialists are highly trained and our digital process makes the intricacies of managing payroll a breeze rather than a burden because everything is simplified and accessible. 

Our service is comprehensive. The potential penalties and hassles of misfiling your payroll taxes will be gone because we do it all for you. This will mitigate any stress involved with a potential misfile. You can run your business and focus on your core aspects while handling your payroll smoothly at the same time. We are here for you whenever you need us. Our system creates an easy and stress-free way to process your payroll. With us it’ll be a snap.

Your #1 Choice for Oklahoma City Payroll Services

When you work with us, you can go forward in confidence knowing that we have your back. Some of the ways we can help you are:

  • Calculating, filing, and depositing federal, state, and local taxes on time to avoid penalties.
  • Prepare and file 941s, 940s, 943s, state withholding, state unemployment, local taxes, and paid family and medical leave.
  • W-2 and W-3 processing with SSA submission
  • ACA compliance of 1095c and 1094c forms

To navigate payroll in your Oklahoma City business, all you need to do is turn to Valor Payroll Solutions. We are your Oklahoma City payroll experts. We make your payroll and tax filing a breeze. We want to show you our dedication while saving you time and money all at once. Contact us today… We can’t wait to hear from you!

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