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The Irving, Texas area has been growing rapidly over the last few years. With all this new growth we have seen many new businesses coming to town which means more companies that need payroll services. Payroll is a chore for many business owners and outsourcing it allows them to focus on their business more and reduce their stress. Payroll can be run by a business owner but late filing, errors, and other fees can often make running payroll yourself the less budget friendly option. New laws and regulations are added to payroll constantly which makes it a full-time job to keep up with these new rules. Many small and mid size businesses do not need the services of a full-time payroll employee but still need to find the time to process payroll. Payroll service is a great option for reducing the strain on your employees or self and still getting payroll done properly. Valor payroll is a great option for running your payroll.

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There are a wide variety of different types and sizes of business in Irving, Texas. Large companies often have an HR department which is responsible for all the payroll tasks, but small companies do not need a full-time payroll employee and the burden of running payroll often falls on the owner. Running payroll is not just a weekly task, it also requires reporting, filings, and compliance with both state and federal laws. Mom and pop shops are part of what makes Irving, Texas so great and mom and pop shops often need help with these payroll tasks. There is nothing worse for a company than growing the reputation of being slow to pay, paying inaccurately, or messing up people’s paychecks. We often talk to companies that find running payroll is just too much work for them on top of their normal workload.

Business owners have to keep many different plates in the air all at once. While you may be capable of wearing a few different hats, wearing too many can become a problem. Outsourcing tasks is a great way to allow you to focus on your business and not on tedious processes. Payroll is a commonly outsourced task because it can be run outside of your office by an expert without creating more work for the owner. When payroll is done properly you don’t have to worry about late fees. A payroll service will ensure all employees are paid properly and on time, meeting all filing dates and staying compliant with all the different laws. Valor Payroll Solutions uses a digital solution to help streamline this process so you can report hours and wage changes to them effectively and not focus too much time on payroll. Our team is experienced in all the local Irving laws and rules and will ensure your employees receive the compensation on time with all withholdings properly removed.

How We Make Payroll Easier

Many customers come to us and tell us they are nervous to work with us because we are an online presence and they feel leery of many online services. Online companies are notorious for bad response times, unresponsive employees, and just overall unsatisfactory care. Valor Payroll Solutions is not the same, we understand this frustration and work hard to be a source of great care. Our team will assign you a representative that will work alongside you throughout your time with Valor Payroll Solutions, you will not be bounced around on the phone from one representative to the next. Matching our customers with a specialist as their point of contact is one of the ways we work to offer the highest level of care. Our specialists are compliance experts who are highly trained on payroll and the ins and outs of different laws and rules. When working with your compliance experts via email text or phone you will get accurate information and straightforward answers.

We do not just run payroll, we also offer both direct deposit and timekeeping services. Valor payroll solutions strives to stay on top of all new payroll rules and never fails to meet due dates or compliance. Our satisfaction rate goal is always 100% which means do not stop working until our clients are satisfied. We know there is value in the work we do and work to ensure you see it as well. If you are looking for a company that will provide top level service, Valor payroll solutions is the right option.

Tax Compliance

Tax rates and rules change most years if not more frequently, Valor Payroll Solutions stays on top of all of these changes for you. Payroll liabilities can be a really stressful part of your life but with a payroll service like Valor you will not need to worry about them anymore. Our specialists are trained regularly to ensure they understand all new payroll rules and can meet them without fail. Our team is always in training to ensure no rules or regulations are missed and that our payroll services stay top-tier. The specialist that is assigned to your company is knowledgeable, helpful, and will be with you the entire time you work with valor. We want you to have someone that can answer questions and also be an advocate for your company, helping you find ways to maximize benefits. With our digital system the payroll process is more simple and easy to manage.

If you are working with a payroll company that just run through payroll they are only doing half the job. Our team offers a comprehensive level of service that includes filing, payroll tax payments, and all other processes related to payroll. Valor Payroll Solutions ensures that all tax filings are part of our packages so that your filings are always on time, accurate, and filed properly. Penalties for payroll missed filings and payments can be very costly. The cost of late filing is often more than the cost of utilizing a payroll service. The time savings is also a huge benefit to small business owners.

Irving’s Best Payroll Service

Valor Payroll Solutions helps to add hours back to your day by eliminating payroll as one of your burdens. Enjoy your time at home relaxing with family and friends instead of filing 941s, and processing payroll.

Some of our included services-

  • Taxes for federal, state, and local entities are deposited and filed on time. 
  • 940s, 941s, and 943s as well as paid family and medical leave, unemployment, withholding and more are all filed on time.
  • W-2s and w-3s are completed accurately and on time
  • 1094c and 1095c forms completed

Payroll can be a very big stress on many companies but by trusting the Irving payroll expert you can eliminate much of the stress. Give us a call today and let’s discuss how we can help you!

Navigating payroll alone is stressful but trusting the expert in Fort Worth for payroll can eliminate so much stress. Valor Payroll Solutions has a team ready to help you with all your filings and payments. We are knowledgeable and ready to help. We utilized an innovative digital service that is so efficient it can work for any size company. We can save you time by outsourcing one of your most dreaded tasks. Don’t wait, call us today.

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