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It is amazing to see how much Fort Worth, Texas has grown and changed in the last few years. As a business we are always excited to see new companies moving to town which means we can assist them with their payroll. Payroll is a tedious process that many businesses want to outsource because it requires so much focus and causes so much stress. Running payroll yourself may seem like the budget friendly option but when you think about fees for late filing, potential for error that can be costly, and other fines you may be charged it can often be cheaper to hire a service. Payroll is constantly changing when new laws and regulations are released and many business owners just don’t have the time to keep up with these changes. It is a common issue for small and medium size businesses to need the assistance of a full-time payroll employee but to not have the ability to hire one. Hiring a payroll service can reduce the burden associated with running payroll without the cost of another full-time employee. Valor Payroll solutions is a great solution.

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When looking at the different businesses in Fort Worth, Texas you can see that there is a wide variety of different types of companies. Most large companies have an HR department that is responsible for all the payroll related tasks. Smaller companies often do not have the ability to hire a payroll only employee but still half the burden of running payroll, reporting wages, and remain in compliance with state, local, and federal laws. Many people in Fort Worth choose to shop at mom and pop businesses because they are such an enjoyable part of our city and these are companies that often need payroll help the most. No business owner, regardless of the size of the company, wants to become a company with a reputation for short changing employees. Many companies that we speak with find the intricacies of running payroll themselves are just too big of a burden.

When running a business yourself you have to wear so many hats and keep so many plates in the air, outsourcing tasks is vital to ensuring you can run your business properly. Payroll is the perfect task to outsource, allowing an expert to run your payroll insurance. It will be done properly and you can focus your time elsewhere. Payroll services means you never have to worry about paying employees late, being fined for not filing by due dates, and all your payments will be compliant with local laws. Valor Payroll Solutions innovative digital solution is designed to help streamline payroll and keep you focused on your business instead of paperwork. We know all the local rules and regulations for Fort Worth and will make sure all of your employees receive their proper compensation and all withholdings are done properly.

How we Make Payroll Easier

If you have ever worked with a company online you may be leery of signing up for a new service and being disappointed by the quality of care you receive. Many online companies have poorly trained employees, horrible response times, and are not readily available to help with your questions. It is so frustrating when you call in with a question and are bounced from one representative to the next with no good answers. Valor Payroll Solutions will not bump you from one representative to the next and instead you are matched with a specialist who will be your point of contact with our company. Your specialist will work alongside you and be your support as long as you are using our services. Our compliance experts are so highly trained that they are truly payroll experts.You are compliant experts will be available to you via email, text and phone.

We are not just a payroll company, we also offer timekeeping and direct deposit. Valor payroll Solutions keep up-to-date with new payroll rules to ensure we never fall out of compliance and always meet due dates. We strive for a 100% satisfaction rate which means we go above and beyond for our clients. We value the work we do and want to make sure you see the value in it as well. If you are ready for a company that will go above and beyond for you Valor Payroll Solutions is the perfect fit.

Tax Compliance

Tax rates are ever-changing and due dates seem to pop up out of nowhere, Valor Payroll Solutions has your back when it comes to these changes. Payroll liabilities do not have to be a stressful part of your life anymore. Her team of specialists is constantly in training to ensure we understand and meet all new payroll requirements. The rules change rapidly and to best serve our customers we are constantly in training. Our team will learn the new rules and regulations and make changes to payroll as needed. The specialist assigned to you has a wealth of knowledge and can help find solutions to your payroll questions and problems and even help you find ways to maximize benefits to best serve your employees. Our digital system helps to simplify the payroll process and allow you to understand and manage it easier than ever before.

When a payroll company offers just payroll services with no aide the job is only half done, our company offers comprehensive services that cover payroll taxes, filings and everything in between. Valor Payroll Solutions includes all payroll tax filings in their packages to ensure everything is completed properly and accurately and filed on time. When a company can avoid penalties for payroll payments and filings they can save so much money. This cost burden often is more than the cost of payroll services and doesn’t even account for the saved efforts. The amount of time and energy a payroll service saves is a huge help to many small business owners. Even people who are great at business are not always great at payroll. 

Fort Worth’s Best Payroll Service

Choosing Valor Payroll Solutions adds hours to your day and saves you from filing any more payroll forms. You can enjoy your evenings at home with the family rather than spending more time behind a computer screen. Some of our included services-

  • Taxes for Local, State and Federal are all deposited and filed on time
  • Deadlines for all forms are met including 941s, 940s, 943s, paid family or medical leave, state unemployment and withholding and local tax forms
  • W-2s and W-3s are completed on time and accurately
  • 1094 c and 1095 c forms are done with ACA compliance

Navigating payroll alone is stressful but trusting the expert in Fort Worth for payroll can eliminate so much stress. Valor Payroll Solutions has a team ready to help you with all your filings and payments. We are knowledgeable and ready to help. We utilized an innovative digital service that is so efficient it can work for any size company. We can save you time but outsourcing one of your most dreaded tasks. Don’t wait, call us today

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