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We Remove the Stress from Payroll

When we look around at Denton, Texas we are amazed at how many new businesses have come to town. New businesses means new employees and payroll services needed. Payroll is a tedious process that requires attention to detail and information about local, state, and federal laws. Running payroll yourself may seem like the more economical decision but it can add undue stress. Additionally when late fee for improper filing, late filing or other mishap can eliminate all the savings from running payroll yourself. Regulations and laws for payroll change constantly and it can be a full-time job to keep up with these changes. Small and medium size companies commonly run into the issue of not needing a full-time payroll employee but needing help with running payroll. Valor Payroll Solutions is a great option for companies that need payroll assistance but can’t afford a payroll employee.

Denton has many different types of companies like manufacturers, contractors, and much more. Small companies with only a handful of employees have many of the same payroll burdens as a large company without the need for a full-time in office payroll staff member. Navigating the logistics of reporting wages properly, staying compliant with regulations, and getting paychecks to employees on time can be too much for many small businesses. Mom and Pop shops are one of the best parts about Denton but these companies often are the ones that need our help the most. No matter the size of the company no one wants to gain a reputation for not paying employees what they are due. Small companies come to us often overwhelmed by trying to manage their own payroll.

Running a small business requires a lot of different hats. Outsourcing some of these tasks can help you be a better business owner and employer. Payroll is the ideal task to outsource. Eliminating the burden of payroll from your to do list will help you be a more effective business owner. Our payroll service ensures everyone is paid on time, paperwork is filed on time and you are compliant with all new and existing regulations or laws. Valor Payroll Solutions can streamline your payroll services with our innovative digital solution taking your payroll tasks from many hours a week to just a few minutes. Our team goes beyond just providing paychecks to employees but also ensures your company is compliant.

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How we Make Payroll Easier

No one wants to work with a company that does not meet their expectations. Some payroll services provide poor response times, employees that are not properly trained and or unable to answer questions about payroll. We never want a customer to call our service provider and feel that they have not been provided accurate information. When you work with the Valor Payroll Solutions you are not bounced from one representative to the next, you are assigned a specialist who can answer questions and remains your point of contact. Your specialist will work with you through the implementation process and continue to be available to you while you use our services. Our compliance experts have received the highest levels of training and are available to you via phone, email, and even text.

We include time keeping, processing and direct deposit of paychecks with our services. The Valor team is highly trained on payroll ensuring we do not miss due dates, and always stay compliant. We want to be an asset to our customers and never a burden, which means we strive for a 100% satisfaction rate. We know the value of our services and want our customers to feel that value also. If you were looking for a payroll service company that goes above and beyond what is expected and provides expert level services Valor Payroll Solutions is the company for you.

Tax Compliance

Payroll liabilities can be a big burden especially with changing tax rates, constant due dates, and with the understanding of how different each employee’s compensation can be. This process can be so stressful but with a team of experts like those at Valor Payroll Solutions the burden can be lifted. Our team has been trained on all sorts of payroll rules and regulations. We continue our education regularly and keep track of new rules. When new regulations are released our team updates our systems to ensure you meet these new regulations. We strive to be a wealth of knowledge to our customers and help them find solutions for their problems. We also work with our team to find ways to maximize benefits for employees and employers. Why utilizing a digital system we make payroll easy to understand and manage.

Our team goes far beyond a simple payroll service and it’s truly a comprehensive service that helps with both payroll and filings. We provide a comprehensive service that does all your tax payments and filings for you. Our online system ensures all payroll tax filings are accurate and paid on time. When you avoid tax penalties you can save a lot of money, even beyond the cost of a payroll service like Valor. We know that our customers are busy and helping keep their payroll running properly is a huge relief. Payroll does not need to be a burden and it should not be something you have to devote a lot of time to.

Denton’s Best Payroll Service

Valor Payroll Solutions is your ticket to no longer being responsible for your own payroll tax filings. This busywork takes away from your profitable focus in your business. Your family will be happy to have you at the dinner table instead of in front of the computer running payroll. Some of the payroll services we provide include-

  • All taxes calculated, filed and paid on time including local, state and federal taxes
  • Forms filled and filed properly and on time- forms include 941, 940, 943, paid family leave, paid medical lease, unemployment and more
  • SSA submissions completed
  • W-2s and w-3s submitted on time and properly 
  • 1094c and 1095c forms completed 

Navigating payroll alone can be more than some small businesses can take, Valor Payroll Solutions is a great option for your Denton payroll services. We are available to help and excited to take on your payroll. Our innovative digital service design with efficiency in mind and we can handle your payroll no matter how big or small. Saving time is the key to making more business more profitable and less stressful. We can’t wait to meet with you.

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