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Let Us Remove the Stress From Your Payroll in Amarillo

We enjoy seeing Amarillo grow and change and bring in a variety of new businesses, especially because new businesses means new people whom we can help with payroll. Our team consists of payroll experts that can offer great payroll services to all sorts of businesses. Payroll is a time-consuming and tedious process and is a great option for outsourcing because of the strain it puts on business owners and the ability for it to be done remotely. Running payroll yourself often appears to be the more economical option, but when you consider the time spent and any fees from improper or late filing a payroll service can often save you money. Rules and regulations for payroll change frequently and it can be hard for a business owner to keep up. Many small and even medium size companies do not have the resources to hire a full-time employee to run payroll. Valor Payroll Solutions is a company designed to take the burden of payroll off of employers and complete payroll with expert precision. 

Amarillo is home to a variety of different types of businesses ranging in size and type. Many large companies have an HR department that runs payroll but this is a luxury often denied to midsize or small companies. Small companies still have the same burden of running payroll weekly or biweekly but do not have the resources to hire someone to focus on these tasks. Payroll is not just paychecks, it is also wage reporting and compliance with payroll taxes which can be very tedious work. Amarillo has many small businesses started by entrepreneurs who are looking to work for themselves but may not know the ins and outs of processes like payroll. You never want to become a company known for short changing their employees and using a payroll service can help ensure you stay compliant. Many of our customers find that payroll requires too much of their focus and affects their ability to run their business and keep a good work home life balance.

When running a business you have to keep a lot of different plates in the air. Trying to keep too many plates in the air can lead to late filings and other fines in relation to payroll. We find that payroll is an easy task to outsource because it can be done from anywhere, especially with direct deposit. When we do the payroll for you you’ll have more time for your business and less focus on paperwork. Payroll services ensure your employees are paid properly and on time, all filings are completed and payments are submitted accurately. Valor Payroll Solutions utilizes a digital system that is innovative and helps business owners to quickly complete their payroll process. Our team knows the ins and outs of any local or state laws for Amarillo based companies to ensure their employees get the proper pay and all withholdings are reported properly.

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How We Make Payroll Easier

We find that our customers can be very uneasy about our services because of our online presence, many online companies don’t fulfill the promises they make. We strive to offer stellar customer service and never want our customers to feel they were conned. Valor Payroll Solutions has highly trained employees, response times that are quick and easy to access, and the knowledge to get the projects done properly. You will not be bounced from one extension to the next looking for answers, we assign our customers a payroll expert that will work with them during their time with valor payroll solutions. Your payroll solution specialist is your support system at our company and you can access them via text, email, or phone. We have compliance experts that are highly trained and ready to ensure your payroll is always compliant with all applicable laws.

We cannot just focus on payroll, we also offer direct deposit and timekeeping services. Valor Payroll Solutions always looks to have a 100% satisfaction rate with our customers, often going above and beyond with many people expect from a payroll service. Starting with our compliance with all new rules and informing our customers of these changes, to always being available via text, email or phone we are always aiming to please. We know that the value in our work will be missed if we do not meet our customers’ needs and our accessibility is one of the ways in which we show the customers the value of our service. If you are ready for an expert to help you with your payroll Valor Payroll Solutions is here to help. 

Amarillo Tax Compliance Experts

We often hear from our customers that the constant changes in payroll taxes in withholdings are too much for them to keep up with and the due dates often sneak up on them. Payroll liabilities are often a big stressor for businesses and when utilizing a payroll service this worry can be eliminated. Our team of specialists are trained consistently to ensure they understand any new payroll rules and requirements and that all laws and rules are compliant for our customers. We work with our team to understand new payroll laws like withholding, family pay leave or other taxes. We employ true payroll specialists that can be a resource to our customers. Our team can answer any question you may have and have access to great experts when the question is outside of our abilities. The digital system will utilize makes payroll quick and easy for our clients.

As a full-service company we do not just run payroll and consider the job done. We also file all tax payments and withholdings, make sure all paperwork is completed and work with our clients to ensure they are maximizing benefits. Tax filing is included in all of our payroll solutions packages because we understand that this process is generally the most tedious and stressful for employers. By including these filings in our packages our customers can avoid late filing and late payment fees and save their company money. Late fees can be a huge burden and impact the profitability of the company. The time savings we offer is also a great benefit to business owners, not all business owners are great at payroll and that’s OK.

Amarillo’s Best Payroll Service

Valor Payroll Solutions is here to cut stress and give you hours back in your week. We hear from our clients that they love not having the burden of payroll anymore clogging up their workday. Imagine how much more time you’ll have with your family when you eliminate the burden of running payroll.

Some of our included services-

  • 941s, 943s, 940s forms filed in time
  • Withholding, unemployment, and other forms submitted before deadlines.
  • ACA compliance met with 1094c and 1095c forms
  • W-2s and w-3s on time and accurate
  • Local, state, and federal taxes filed and deposited on time

If running payroll has become a stressor in your life it’s time to contact valor payroll solutions. Valor Payroll Solutions works alongside many Amarillo companies helping with both payroll and filings. Our expertise ensures these filings are completed properly without error and the digital service ensures this process is efficient for our customers. We want to save you time and help you focus more on your thriving business. We’re ready to help you today, call us to get started 

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